Written Exam Outline

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ABFCS Written Examination Content Outline

The following is a general content outline for the 2020 ABFCS Written Examination


I. Liposuction 8-12% OF WRITTEN TEST ITEMS
 A. Instrumentation/Modalities
 B. Anesthesia
 C. Anatomic Considerations

 A. Soft Tissue
 B. Implants
 C. Liposuction
 D. Rhinoplasty
 E. Otoplasty
 F. Face and Neck Lift
 G. Forehead/Brow Lift
 H. Blepharoplasty
 I. Lips
 J. Midface
 K. Orthognathic
 L. Genioplasty

III. Dermatology 8-10% OF WRITTEN TEST ITEMS
 A. Resurfacing
 B. Laser/Light/Radiofrequency Treatments
 C. Scar Management
 D. Soft Tissue
 E. Hair Restoration

IV. Patient Safety 10-14% OF WRITTEN TEST ITEMS
 A. Airway/Oxygenation/Ventilation
 C. Medical Emergencies
 D. Surgical Emergencies
 E. OR/Environment Safety
 F. Ethics/Communication
 G. Patient Evaluation/Perioperative Care

V. Surgical Principles 10-14% OF WRITTEN TEST ITEMS
 A. Anatomy
 B. Physiology
 C. Aesthetic Analysis
 D. Pharmacology
 E. Complications

Please note approximately 30% of the ABFCS written items will be at the recall of facts/recognition level; 40% of the questions will be at the application level; and about 30% of the items will be at the problem solving/synthesis/evaluation level.

This is furnished as a study guide and identifies the topics with which you should be familiar. The written examination consists of one (1) session with a maximum time of four and one-half (4 & 1/2) hours.