How to Apply

Upcoming Examination Dates and Deadlines

Each year, examination applications are submitted in order to qualify for the annual exam. Applicants who are approved will take their exams on the following dates:

2023 WRITTEN EXAM CBT (Computer-Based Testing)
May 20, 2023
Prometric Testing Centers

August 2023—Exact date TBD
Virtual via Zoom

The deadline for applications and fees is February 28, 2023.

How to Apply for the Examination 

After you have successfully met the requirements to qualify, you may begin your examination application online. Follow these steps to submit your application:

1) Contact us to request a user login.

Contact our office by phone at 312-340-4788 or email to request your user login. The login enables you to start the application now and return later to complete and submit all of your documents.

2) Review credentialing requirements.

Generally, surgeons qualify to sit for the ABFCS exam in one of 3 ways: (1) AACS-certified fellowship training, (2) a non-AACS fellowship that is equivalent in scope and rigor to the AACS fellowship, or (3) the experience route. To ensure you meet the requirements, review the Certification Process overview here, as well as the more detailed explanations within the ABFCS Credentialing Requirements and ABFCS Surgical Log Requirements documents.

3) Gather all required documents.

Follow the ABFCS Application Checklist to ensure you have all materials, including the Affidavit Regarding Number of Years in Practice and Affidavit Regarding Clear and Unrestricted Licensure.

Application files for download

4) Ensure application materials are HIPAA-compliant.

The applicant is responsible for protecting the confidentiality of all patients on surgical logs, operative reports, and before and after photos following HIPAA requirements of the United States.

5) Upload required documents and files.

Once you have an account, you’ll be able to login to upload forms and pay fees. Ensure that scans are uploaded at a maximum of 300 DPI; the size of files containing photos can be reduced by lowering the resolution to 72 DPI or by reducing the height and width of the image. Allow time for files to completely upload. 

6) Pay application and examination fees.

Your payment will be processed securely via Payjunction.

7) You will be notified when your application has been processed.

We will inform you via email once we have reviewed your application. We will also notify you if additional application materials are needed.

Disclaimer Regarding Exam Administrators

The ABFCS certification examination will be administered by representatives of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS), which has contracted with the ABFCS to administer an annual examination to candidates approved by the ABFCS. The ABCS furnishes a raw score that the ABFCS utilizes in determining candidates’ pass/fail score. The ABFCS utilizes its own standards and criteria in determining who may take the examination and the appropriate cut score for pass/fail results. The ABCS does not control in any way, shape, or form how this cut score is applied and makes no assurances, expressed or implied, about the qualification of any ABFCS Candidate.