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Why join the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery?

The American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery (ABFCS) awards certification to surgeons who are uniquely qualified to safely perform cosmetic surgery of the head, face, and neck, as well as nonsurgical aesthetic treatments. We hold our diplomates to the highest, most rigorous benchmarks of training and experience.

There is no weekend course or conference that qualifies ABFCS diplomates. Qualifications for challenging the board are some of the most rigorous of any board, requiring years of medical education, surgical training, hands-on experience, and proven aesthetic mastery.

Our surgeons dedicate all or a significant portion of their practices to head, face, and neck procedures.

Our diplomates do not dabble in facial cosmetic surgery, but they have dedicated a significant portion of their practice to treating facial cosmetic conditions. ABFCS surgeons have a clear understanding of the underlying anatomic causes of cosmetic concerns and are able to provide aesthetic improvements via surgical modalities as well as with non-surgical treatments.

We are a diverse, multi-disciplinary body of facial cosmetic surgeons.

No single medical specialty can lay claim to advancements in surgery for the face, a complex area that involves a number of interlinking body systems. Accordingly, no single type of surgeon can teach all there is to know about the intricacies and relationship of both the bony and soft tissue structures of the face and neck. 

As such, we are proud to be a diverse group of surgeons who come out of various training backgrounds, including oculoplastic surgery, otolaryngology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, plastic surgery, general surgery, ophthalmology, and dermatology. In addressing the complexity of the head, face, and neck, we draw on the breadth and depth of knowledge provided by these interrelated subspecialties. We believe that this synergy of perspectives advances the teaching and practice of facial cosmetic surgery.

We offer an experience-based route to board certification.

For highly trained facial cosmetic surgeons whose credentials may not fully represent their level of expertise, we offer an experience route to board certification. As an alternative to fellowship training, this allows the skilled, safe, and aesthetically focused oculoplastic surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and other approved facial surgical specialties a path to a credential that represents their achievements to the public.

We are a vibrant organization of cosmetic surgeons who are advancing the field as a group.

Facial cosmetic surgery is an ever-evolving sub-specialty, and clear credentialing continues to be of the utmost importance to patients. But the ABFCS also exists to serve the specialty. As a leading certifying board in this area, we unite facial cosmetic surgeons in our mutual pursuit of excellence. When you join the ABFCS, you will also gain a group of generous, trustworthy colleagues who are ready to share knowledge and thus facilitate the advancement of all aspects of your practice.