Why Choose a Facial Cosmetic Surgeon?

Whether you are on the market for natural-looking treatment with injectables or a full facelift, your choice of surgeon will have the most influence on the nuance of your treatment plan and your results. When you choose a board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon, you are in the hands of a surgeon who has dedicated all or a significant amount of their practice to the highest standards of artistry and safety in cosmetic facial rejuvenation.

Facial cosmetic surgeons are experienced beyond medical residency.

Only those surgeons who pursue facial cosmetic surgery and demonstrate mastery of the specialty through post-medical residency experience or intensive fellowship training qualify to sit for our board-certifying exam.

Our cosmetic surgeons are experts in facial aesthetics.

Other boards certify surgeons who perform both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, but we certify only facial cosmetic surgeons. Having dedicated their career to cosmetics, board-certified facial cosmetic surgeons offer the highest level of aesthetic expertise.

ABFCS surgeons know facial anatomy and physiology. 

When you come to your surgeon with a cosmetic concern, they understand anatomic and functional causes, and they will likely have the appropriate solution.

They are specialists in facial procedures. 

Facial cosmetic surgeons hone their skill in performing procedures for the head, face, and neck. If you are looking for a facial cosmetic procedure, there is a board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon who has a passion for it.

Facial cosmetic surgeons understand aesthetic principles. 

Our surgeons are aesthetic masters. They are trained to listen to your concerns, evaluate your unique anatomy, and skillfully customize your procedure to achieve natural-looking yet stunning results.

Our surgeons offer a range of facial procedures to personalize your treatment plan. 

While other providers may offer the same fashionable treatment to every patient who complains of facial aging, facial cosmetic specialists offer a full range of approaches to facial rejuvenation, leading to a highly personalized treatment plan. From non-surgical injectables to mini-facelifts, laser skin resurfacing, or surgical lifts, they will treat your concern with an acute understanding of treatments and how each affects the facial aging process.

ABFCS surgeons operate only in accredited facilities.

Board-certified facial cosmetic surgeons operate only in safe, licensed facilities. This is a critical benchmark for patient safety, as facility accreditation involves meeting numerous safety standards in the operating room, including working with a highly-trained staff.

Our cosmetic surgeons are re-certified every ten years.

Diplomates of the ABFCS must stay up-to-date on the latest medical trends and surgical techniques by completing 75 hours of continuing medical education and passing a rigorous recertification exam every 10 years. We also ensure that our surgeons continue to uphold strict safety standards, operate in accredited facilities, and demonstrate high rates of patient satisfaction.